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Optimisation and despatching of activities to the fleet

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PATHcloud assigns the tasks to be performed to a fleet of vehicles or persons, respecting the constraints set and minimising distribution costs or travel time for sales people or technicians. PATHcloud can be used daily for the allocation of deliveries to vehicles, activities for salesmen, merchandisers or technicians.

The effectiveness of PATHcloud scheduling is guaranteed by considering a number of variables that describe how the company works (means & working hours), the characteristics of the goods, the constraints of the client (time slots) and the geography. Once the planning is done, PATHcloud sends the orders to the navigation device via WEBFLEET. When tasks are performed PATHcloud stores the progress of activities in real time.

Countries of sale:
  • United Kingdom
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Germany
  • France
  • The Netherlands
  • Switzerland
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Italy
  • Czech Republic
  • Poland
  • Sweden
  • USA
  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
Supported languages:
  • British English
  • American English
  • Italian

Tellus Srl

Founded in 1997, TELLUS work in the area of ​​GIS (Geographic Information Systems) through the design and development of web and desktop applications. TELLUS is specialised in development of applications to manage fleets of vehicles (route optimisation and scheduling of deliveries, vehicle location), and sales networks (organisation of retail space and geo-analysis). The head office of the Company is in Udine, the Laboratory of Research and Development in Trieste.

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