ECO Fleetmaster

ECO Fleetmaster

ECO Fleetmaster monitors and optimizes any fleet of Recycling Trucks and its routes.

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ECO Fleetmaster was developed to monitor and optimize truck fleets of Recycling companies. This SW Solution integrates the following components:
- TomTom PRO 9150 for localization and navigation
- Android Tablet App for Human interaction and information input about Recycling Pick points (compatible with TomTom PRO827x)
- EcoFleetmaster Web application for route optimization using Closer`s advanced algorithms, route visualization and integration platform connected to TomTom WEBFLEET
- CxO Dashboards (Web&W8) for Data Analytics and Dashboarding

Countries of sale:
  • Spain
  • Portugal
Supported languages:
  • British English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese


Closer is a Portuguese IT company. Our multi-disciplinary and high seniority teams create tailor-made solutions, always looking for the optimal approach, balancing the costs/benefits of different options. Whether through custom-made software development, third-party software package integration or implementing Closer solutions, our deliverables are always custom-built for a perfect fit.

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